Saturday, January 26, 2013

Change Your Facebook (fb) profile name after 5 times

Really you can Change Your Facebook (fb) profile name anytime you want. This tips will help you to change your facebook profile name atfer 5 times changed. As far facebook policy , you can't change your facebook name after five times. But this tricks will help you to do that.

I think this technique will be useful for those who would like to change the timeline

1. Log out your facebook account .  
2. Go to
3. Follow step by step
(it will be like this)
[[[Changing Your Name
Facebook requires all members to provide their real first and last names. Please provide the following information to help us verify your name.
First name
Ex: Mahbub

Middle name

Last name
Ex: Dude

Reason for change
Please upload a copy of your government-issued photo ID so we can confirm that this is your account. Learn more about why we require a copy of your ID and what types of ID we'll accept.
Note that timelines are for personal use only. If you're trying to change your account name in order to represent a business or organization, or to represent yourself as a public figure, you should create a Page. You can also convert an existing personal account to a Page. Learn more.]]]
Remember before apply this tricks : You must have an id card and must be required to do that. And write something seriously as the reason for change.

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